Club Tournament 2010

Finals' Day featured lots of new faces this year. Ole Andersen came through a fascinatingly close contest to take the Mens' Singles in a third set tie-break. Kathryn Schutterlin won her fourth consecutive Ladies' Singles (how about a few more entries for this one next year ladies!?) Antonia Cox and Alison Haynes won the Ladies' Doubles without dropping a set and Miles Elliott and Kathryn won the Mixed Doubles. The Mixed Doubles Handicap event was won by Norma Queralt and Craig Amison-Smith after coming through a few scrapes and Ashley Casey beat Robbie Browning in an entertaining Boys' Final. After Finals' Day the Tim Ramirez and Simon Jennings team beat Paul Dyer and Ole in what on paper at least was a straightforward win.
Jason Oliver

The results of the final are given in the table below, and snapshots of the finalists are at the bottom of this page. Thanks to those who helped make the Finals Day a success.

Event Winner Runner-up Score
Ladies Singles Kathryn Schutterlin Helen Asbury 6-1 6-2
Mens Singles Ole Andersen Pete Druett 6-2, 2-6 7-6
Under 21 Mens Singles Ashley Casey Robbie Browning 6-1 6-4
Ladies Doubles Alison Haynes & Toni Cox Pam Gordon & Dawn Torgersen 6-2, 6-4
Under 21 Ladies Singles Emilio Ramirez Liz Wheeler w/o 
Mens Doubles Tim Ramirez & Simon Jennings Paul Dyer &Ole Andersen 6-3, 6-2
Mixed Doubles Miles Elliott & Kathryn Schutterlin Tim Ramirez & Gabriella Ramirez 6-4, 6-2
Handicap Mixed Doubles Craig Amison-Smith & Norma Queralt Miles Oliver & Val Casemore 5-7, 6-3 6-3

Ladies Single Finalists, September 2010

Ladies Singles Finalists
Kathryn Schutterlin (winner) and Helen Asbury (runner-up)

Mens Singles Finalists
Ole Andersen (winner) and Pete Druett (runner-up)

Mens Singles Finalists, September 2010
Under 21 Mens Singles Finalists, September 2010

Under 21 Mens Singles Finalists
Ashley Casey (winner) and Robbie Browning (runner-up)

Mixed Doubles Finalists
Miles Elliot & Kathryn Schutterlin (winners) and Timmy & Gabriella Ramirez-Cuesta (runners-up)

Mixed Doubles Finalists, September 2010
Ladies Doubles Finalists, September 2010

Ladies Doubles Finalists
Alison Haynes & Toni Cox (winners) and Dawn Torgersen & Pam Gordon (runners-up)

Handicap Mixed Doubles Finalists
Valk Casemore & Miles Oliver (runners-up) and Norma Queralt & Craig Amison-Smith (winners)

Handicap Mixed Doubles Finalists, September 2010