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Club Tournament 2003

As in previous years, the intra-club competitions began slowly, but matches took place with increasing frequency as the Finals Day loomed! All of the competition apart from the mens doubles had their finals played on Finals Day, Sunday 7th September. The results of the final are given in the table below, and snapshots of the finalists are at the bottom of this page.

Event Winner Runner-up Score
Ladies Singles D.Newman H.Asbury 6/4 6/3
Mens Singles J.Wood A.Wingent 6/1 6/2
Ladies Doubles D.Newman & K.Schutterlin J.Hummel & V.Casemore 6/3 5/7 7/5
Mens Doubles D.Soanes & J.Wood P.Druett & A.Wingent 6/0 6/3
Under 21 Mens Singles J.Moffat J.Scharfe 6/2 2/6 6/0
Mixed Doubles A.Wingent & L.Burns J.Oliver & D.Torgersen 6/4 6/4
Handicap Mixed Doubles S.Jennings & N.Queralt D.Howard & M.Hensby 6/3 7/6

Ladies Single Finalists, September 2003

Ladies Singles Finalists
Helen Asbury (runner-up) and Dominique Newman (winner)

Mens Singles Finalists
Alex Wingent (runner-up) and Jeremy Wood (winner)

Mens Singles Finalists, September 2003
Ladies Doubles Finalists, September 2003

Ladies Doubles Finalists
Dominique Newman & Kathryn Schutterlin (winners) and Jackie Hummel & Val Casemore (runners-up)

Mens Doubles Finalists
David Soanes & Jeremy Wood (winners) and Peter Druett & Alex Wingent (runners-up)

Mens Doubles Finalists picture unavailable
Under 21 Mens Singles Finalists, September 2003

Under 21 Mens Singles Finalists
Jesse Scharf (runners-up) and Jonny Moffat (winner)

Mixed Doubles Finalists
Jason Oliver & Dawn Torgersen (runners-up) and Alex Wingent and Liz Burns (winners)

Mixed Doubles Finalists, September 2003
Handicap Mixed Doubles Finalists, September 2003

Handicap Mixed Doubles Finalists
Norma Queralt & Simon Jennings (winners) and David Howard & Mary Hensby (runners-up)

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